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We have a passion for design that goes beyond the ordinary.

Behind every intricate Zayiana creation there is a story to be told. An ageless style forged and inspired by the uniqueness of Greece, its turquoise seas, picturesque islands and extraordinary history.

Located in the beautiful city of Athens, Zayiana began its journey in 1995 when we introduced our first line of products. Perfumed handmade candles and fashionable accessories, under the brand name of Centerpieces. Our products were an instant success known for their fun element, coupled with vibrant colours and high quality, stylish designs. Often considered to be symbols of good taste.

We decided to reposition our focus on handmade personal accessories and decoration products, introducing new concepts and designs. When creating we are always very mindful of the current fashion trends, but firmly  believe that the  key to great products are the ones that can withstand the test of time and are always in fashion and. This we believe give Zayiana products truly distinctive style. One that always stands out from the crowd.

The secret of our unique products is their remarkable quality, which we accomplish through meticulous selection of materials of the highest standard. We synthesize products by combining expertise from around the world to ensure the perfect mix such as, French perfumes, certified Sterling Silver, Gold and Pink Gold, Swiss threads, German waxes and wicks, Greek ceramics and marble and of course our handicraft. When receiving a new Zayiana product, our customers can be assured that they receive the best quality to price relationship.

As a part of our research and development processes, every new design collection is tested under different conditions and uses prior to being released. This ensures that the product will withstand the rigours and stressors of everyday life.

Our team is deeply committed to excellence in design, aesthetics and wearability and we are proud to have received astonishingly positive feedback from our customers about the quality and design of our products.

Our mission has always been to create original and exquisite accessories with you in mind. All our creations have been meticulously designed to incorporate a  delicate and unique look and feel.