Greek Easter & the “Lambada” Easter candle

In the Greek Orthodox calendar Easter remains the most celebrated. It’s also closely associated with the first signs of spring and is a time for families and loved ones to gather and rejoice together. One can feel the anticipation and see the joy in the eyes of the the people from all the Greek communities worldwide. – Especially the children.

EasterCelebrations-003The traditional customary gift for Easter is the “Lambada” (Easter candle) which is lit on the midnight service of Easter Saturday. The exquisitely unique Lambada is a gift given by  godparents to their godchildren. It’s a magical time for the children, who peering though their house windows, eagerly look forward to the long anticipated visit.

The Lambada plays a significant role in the  Easter festivities. People gather in church every evening throughout Holy Week, especially on Holy Thursday, Good Friday and on Holy Saturday, the night of the Resurrection.

More specifically, on Good Friday, women and children go to the church, in order to decorate the Epitaph (Bier of Christ) with flowers, while during that same evening the Epitaph procession takes place.

The mood slowly shifts on Holy Saturday as the faithful prepare for the Resurrection. People gather at the church, with their Lambada candle and listen to the liturgy of the Resurrection. At midnight, the church’s lights are turned off, symbolising the passing of Christ into Hades. As the priest chants the hymn “Come Receive the Light”, the crowd lights their Lambada with the Holy Light. Everyone passes the flame one to another. When the priest chants “Christos Anesth” (Christ is risen), the believers say it to one another and receive in reply “Alithos Anesth” (indeed, He has risen) while exchanging wishes and kisses. It is truly beautiful spectacle and the pinnacle of the celebrations.

EasterCelebration-004With the celebrations at an end, people carry their lit Lambada to their homes, often forming a cross with the candle’s flame at the front door of their houses, for protection of the house during the coming year, and a special dinner is set for family and friends. Easter Sunday is usually a family day where everyone enjoys the beginning of spring by roasting a lamb on pits over a fire at the outdoors. Various appetisers and copious amounts of wine, Raki and ouzo are served.

This Easter, Zayiana’s workshop embarked on its customary “pilgrimage” to create a Lambada with vibrant colours, flair and in keeping with  the traditional protocols of Easter. The subtle, yet joyous decorations will certainly put a smile on those who carry our Lambada.

The Greek Easter is truly a unique experience and the best opportunity to really aquaint oneself with the Greek people and their traditions.



Zayiana's Lambada candle due to it's fragility will be exclusively available for pickup from our store.

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Ladybird. The Greek Symbol of Easter and Spring

Celebrate Spring with unique style

Ladybird-Spring-Greek-TraditionIn Greece the Ladybird is called ‘’pasxalitsa’’, because it is found abundantly in Eastertime. The Ladybird is the unique symbol of both Greek Easter and Springtime and it represents such good things as love, peace and prosperity.

Most commonly it’s best known as an emblem of luck. When a Ladybird lands on you, it is said your wish will come true. Some Greek people believe that a Ladybird found inside the house means that a son will soon be born. If it demises then the child will be a girl.

Another, old tradition, also, holds the belief that if a Ladybird caught and then released, will faithfully fly to your true love and whisper your name in their ear. Upon hearing the Ladybird’s message your true love will hurry to your side.

Greek folklore also has it that the Ladybird is a symbol of protection.

Ancient farmers of the land have considered this insect a good omen as it controls aphid populations. The number of spots on its wings foretell how successful the coming harvest will be.

Last but not least, the Ladybird is also a common symbol of friendship because it is a natural helper in gardens, and works in harmony with nature.

Without a shadow of a doubt, finding a ladybird is a good sign that will be sure to bring positive events in your life. And It is with this inspiration that we created the Zayiana Ladybird Bracelet collection. -So that good fortune will follow you wherever you go! 

‘’Martis’’ (March) Bracelet by Zayiana

Spring is in the air!

Get into character with the Zayiana original Bracelet

March is considered to be the first month of spring and here in Greece we have an exciting custom to welcome its arrival.

On the 1st of March it is customary for everyone to buy braided bracelets. These bracelets are called ‘Martis’. The word ‘Martis’ is March, in greek. They are made of red and white string and are tied onto the wrists. Folk superstition has that people wear these bracelets so that the sun of early spring does not burn their cheeks. The color of these bracelets is red and white, symbolising rosy cheeks and a white complexion.

Μάρτιος (Martis) – is the Greek word for March


More specific, red is the color of vitality, health and love, victory, life and courage, the light of a rising or setting sun and the white color is a sign of beauty, purity, innocence and joy.



“Martis” bracelet is a fun tradition that Zayiana’s workshop looks forward to and created a unique bracelet of red and white string with the one and only turquoise tassel. We believe that this handmade creation is ideal for embracing the beginning of spring, for our customers.

Please do get in contact with us. We’d love to hear about your traditions.

Pomegranate :The Greek traditional Christmas decoration

_DCP7819 copyE


This yuletide we selected the pomegranate with its unique shape and form as the main inspiration behind our new Christmas collection 2015. The custom in Greece on New Year’s Day, a little after midnight, is to smash the pomegranate on the doorstep of the home to ensure a year of good luck and prosperity for the household and family

Gouri 2015 Pomegranate

In zayiana’ s workshop, we created our own winter style pomegranate necklace, called ‘’Gouri 2015 Pomegranate’’! A classy and elegant creation, fitting to all different styles and outfits ! It can also be worn year after year, while never falling out of style.

Make a the difference, this Christmas!




The traditional decoration of Greek homes

The pomegranate is cherished as a Greek symbol of joyous times and good fortune, as well as of fertility, hope, abundance and prosperity. This veneration of the fruit is rooted in ancient times, and this ancient practice still continues today, finding new meaning in every household. This Christmas, echoes of an ancient world can still be found in the Zayiana’s pomegranates home decoration.

Pomegranate house charm is a  stunning piece for any home or office. Our suggestion is to decorate  this piece on doorways, tables or walls making your home a warm place.


AW 14-15 How to style Zayiana handmade creations

There is nothing that brings a smile to our face like a pretty ring, an elegant necklace, or some sparkly earrings.This winter colorful beads could be just the thing to make your ordinary outfit, outstanding. The key is to keep it simple.

What’s most important is that your jewelry matches up with your outfit. Zayiana jewellery is the finishing touch on your total look.

Petit cross bracelet

Keep it simple

Make sure to wear a little black or white dress to keep the look chic and to do your petit cross bracelets justice. Simple petit cross pieces are the perfect match for an ordinary day at the town.

Choose earrings wisely

Zayiana Hamsa gold plated earrings are beautiful, ornate and cannot be missed. They will be the first thing that anyone talking to you will notice. When wearing them, it is better to keep your hair sleek and not too big. Also make sure that your make-up balances well. Hamsa earrings may look best with clean and simple makeup. Remember, it’s all about balance.

Hamsa gold plated earrings
Hamsa gold plated earrings

Luxury Lithos necklace

Match the right necklace

Make sure to wear the Luxury Lithos necklace next to a simple and preferably one-colour top to keep the look chic and formal. You can never go wrong with neutral tones, so wear bright and attention-grabbing Zayiana necklaces with white or nude, to keep the look elegant.

Wear Melody and Beaded pieces that create an outfit

Zayiana Melody bracelets will look beautiful with a romantic and feminine outfit, while pink colourful beaded bracelets are a must if you are going for a boho look.

Melody bracelets
Melody bracelets
Pink Beaded bracelet
Pink Beaded bracelet

Don’t forget that choosing your jewellery is no different than choosing your wardrobe. Most important is to stick within your comfort zone and your personal fashion style. Zayiana handmade creations is here to capture the Mediterranean spirit translated into your style.