‘’Martis’’ (March) Bracelet by Zayiana

Spring is in the air!

Get into character with the Zayiana original Bracelet

March is considered to be the first month of spring and here in Greece we have an exciting custom to welcome its arrival.

On the 1st of March it is customary for everyone to buy braided bracelets. These bracelets are called ‘Martis’. The word ‘Martis’ is March, in greek. They are made of red and white string and are tied onto the wrists. Folk superstition has that people wear these bracelets so that the sun of early spring does not burn their cheeks. The color of these bracelets is red and white, symbolising rosy cheeks and a white complexion.

Μάρτιος (Martis) – is the Greek word for March


More specific, red is the color of vitality, health and love, victory, life and courage, the light of a rising or setting sun and the white color is a sign of beauty, purity, innocence and joy.



“Martis” bracelet is a fun tradition that Zayiana’s workshop looks forward to and created a unique bracelet of red and white string with the one and only turquoise tassel. We believe that this handmade creation is ideal for embracing the beginning of spring, for our customers.

Please do get in contact with us. We’d love to hear about your traditions.


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