Pomegranate :The Greek traditional Christmas decoration

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This yuletide we selected the pomegranate with its unique shape and form as the main inspiration behind our new Christmas collection 2015. The custom in Greece on New Year’s Day, a little after midnight, is to smash the pomegranate on the doorstep of the home to ensure a year of good luck and prosperity for the household and family

Gouri 2015 Pomegranate

In zayiana’ s workshop, we created our own winter style pomegranate necklace, called ‘’Gouri 2015 Pomegranate’’! A classy and elegant creation, fitting to all different styles and outfits ! It can also be worn year after year, while never falling out of style.

Make a the difference, this Christmas!




The traditional decoration of Greek homes

The pomegranate is cherished as a Greek symbol of joyous times and good fortune, as well as of fertility, hope, abundance and prosperity. This veneration of the fruit is rooted in ancient times, and this ancient practice still continues today, finding new meaning in every household. This Christmas, echoes of an ancient world can still be found in the Zayiana’s pomegranates home decoration.

Pomegranate house charm is a  stunning piece for any home or office. Our suggestion is to decorate  this piece on doorways, tables or walls making your home a warm place.



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